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Interstate Ticket Nomination

2018 Country/Interstate members have the ability to substitute two home games for a reserved seat at an away game played interstate. The online process to nominate will be available once the 2018 fixture has been released.

When completing the online process, please ensure you put the Group Organiser’s name and the member ID is included with all nominations to ensure you are seated together. Each interstate member will need to log in and nominate in their individual account.

Follow the step by step instructions below to complete the online process:

  1. Log into your ‘My Richmond Account’ 
  2. Enter your Member ID and Password
  3. Under Interstate Ticketing select ‘View all offers’
  4. Select the match you wish to attend
  5. Select ‘register for this event’
  6. Tick the ‘Location’ option
  7. Select ‘Interstate’ as your Delivery method
  8. If you are sitting with other people, please ensure you put the Group Organisers details in so we seat you with your friends/family.
  9. Select ‘Continue’
  10. Select ‘Submit Request’
  11. You will receive a Right of First Refusal email instantly, followed by a confirmation email from the club within 10-12 business days to verify your request