Updating Details

  1. Log in to your Richmond Member account HERE

  2. View your 2024 invoice and select "Edit Payment Method" and then 'Edit/Add'.

  3. If you are just updating the expiry date, identify the card you wish to update and select 'Edit'.
    Update the new expiry and make sure all other mandatory fields marked with an asterisk (*) are filled, then select 'Save'.

    If you need to add a new card, select 'Add New Credit or Debit Card' and fill all the mandatory fields marked with an asterisk (*). Once complete, select 'Save'.

Alternatively, you can call the membership team on 1300 742466 or send us an email with your updated details to membership@richmondfc.com.au.

Members can update their email address and phone number via their Ticketmaster account here.

If you are having issues, please contact the Richmond Membership Team on (03) 9426 4400.

You can update your address through the 'My Profile' tab via your My Richmond Account here

You may not receive our emails for the following reasons:

  • You have unsubscribed from our emails or you have unsubscribed from a particular subscription.
  • You may need to update your email address on our database

If you have unsubscribed from our emails, or from a subscription/s you can view and edit your subscription list as well as via your My Richmond Account. If you need to update or edit your email address, you can also do so via logging into your My Richmond Account. We strongly recommend staying subscribed to ‘Membership’ as all important membership communications are sent via email.

If you are still not receiving emails, please contact our friendly membership team for assistance 1300 742 466.