Need to Know: Reserved Seat

In 2024, the choice is yours! Your membership comes with access to Richmond Member Rewards, a platform where you can choose and design your own 2024 membership pack! To find out more, click here.

Please note, 2024 Richmond Member Rewards will launch in the first week of November. If you purchase a membership prior to November, please keep an eye on your emails around this time.

Yes! In 2024, we are giving Reserved Seat and Bay members the option to choose either a barcoded physical membership card or a digital membership card. More information will be made available soon.

If you are on Tiger Pay then yes!

For Tiger Pay Upfront Members, membership payments will occur on October 25, 2023.

For Tiger Pay Monthly Members, your payments will commence November 1, 2023 and conclude August 1, 2024.

To join Tiger Pay, or make any changes to your Tiger Pay account, please login to your My Richmond Account.

Reserved Bay members can purchase guest passes via Ticketek. Club XIII and 3121 members will have their guest pass link communicated before season 2024.

Reserved Seat members can purchase additional tickets into their bay (pending availability) on a game-by-game basis by entering their 2024 membership barcode on Ticketek (Tickets for Sport, Concerts, Theatre, Arts, Family Events, Comedy, Festivals | Ticketek Australia)


If you hold a Reserved Seat membership, you're able to return your seat and make it available for other Richmond Members to access via Ticketek. This can be actioned at any time from your Richmond membership account, up until the Monday night each home game.

Please be aware that Leasing your seat cannot be undone.

For instructions on how to Lease Your Seat CLICK HERE.


If you hold a Reserved Seat membership, you're able to return your forward your ticket to another member or supporter via your Richmond membership account. This can be actioned at any time from your Richmond membership account, unless the ticket has already been used for entry into the ground for the match.

Forwarding your ticket can take up to 30 minutes to reach the recipient and generate the new barcode number. To ensure easy access on the day, please forward your tickets prior to arriving at the MCG.

For instructions on how to Forward Your Seat CLICK HERE.

For mobile instructions on how to Forward Your Seat CLICK HERE.

If you do have any questions or need assistance with this process, please contact our membership team on (03) 9426 4400. We will be able to guide you through the process!

Club XIII Reserve Bay Members

Contact: Cameron Cripps


Ph: 03 9426 4472

3121 Reserve Bay Members

Contact: Patrick McGuinness


Ph: 03 9426 4940

All other Reserve Seat Members

Contact our Membership Team


Ph: 03 9426 4400

All Members and Guests are expected to abide by the Members Code of Conduct (Richmond FC | Code of Conduct) and can expect that those around them would do so as well. In the event that behaviour falls outside of these expectations, the Club encourages its Members to report any anti-social behaviour through the following channels:

A. MCG - SMS the Section, Row and Seat along with the behaviour witnessed to 0409 117 621;

B. Marvel Stadium – SMS the Aisle, Row and Seat/s along with the behaviour witnessed to
0427 767 768;

If you feel your report through the above channels has not received appropriate action, please see a stadium attendant or security person to escalate your concerns.

The Club is best placed to respond to behaviour concerns with a written report from Stadium Security after attending any reported incidents. This allows for a positive ID to be made and the Club to take proper and accurate action.