Code of Conduct

13.1 Comply with Member Code of Conduct

Members must comply with the Club’s Members’ Code of Conduct which forms part of these Terms and Conditions.

13.2 Member's Code of Conduct
13.2.1 Purpose

The Club is committed to maintaining a safe, enjoyable, inclusive and family-friendly environment in relation to all of its activities. In order to protect the image and reputation of the Club, the Constitution of the Club entrusts the Club’s Board with the responsibility to establish a Members’ Code of Conduct.

Accordingly, the Club has adopted the following Code of Conduct for the benefit of its members, supporters and the wider AFL community. In accordance with the Constitution, Members are bound by this Code of Conduct and if found to be in breach, may face disciplinary action (including cancellation of their Club Membership).

13.2.2 Member conduct requirements

Consistent with the values of the Club, all Members are required:

(a) to conduct themselves towards:

(b) the Club, its players, staff and others in ways that are respectful to all, lawful and in the spirit of the game;

(c) in relation to games, social media channels and events or when dealing with others to refrain from:

(i) engaging in or endorsing any form of threatening conduct, or vilification or abuse on the basis of race, gender, religion, disability or sexuality;

(ii) any acts of violence, disruptive behaviour or use of offensive or abusive language or gestures;

(d) to comply with the terms of entry at any venue in relation to any Club games or other Club activities;

(e) to manage individual alcohol consumption, ensuring intake does not lead to inappropriate social behaviour during a game or event; and

(f) to conduct themselves in a manner that does not damage (or have the potential to damage) the reputation of the Club, its members or supporters.

13.2.3 Report anti-social behaviour

The Club encourages its Members to report any anti-social behaviour through the following channels:

(a) Marvel Stadium – SMS the Aisle, Row and Seat/s along with the behaviour witnessed to
0427 767 768;

(b) MCG - SMS the Section, Row and Seat along with the behaviour witnessed to 0409 117 621;

(c) Marvel Stadium – SMS the Aisle, Row and Seat/s along with the behaviour witnessed to
0427 767 768;

(d) Club Events – inform RFC officials at the event; and

(e) Social Media – email

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